About Penny’s Memorial Dog Park

About Penny's Memorial Dog Park

Lewiston's First Dog Park - Where Dogs Roam Free

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As a result of almost three years of hard work the Lewiston Dog Park is opened. The Grand Opening, held August 13, 2016, created Lewiston's first dog park and a space for our fur babies to play.

The park is funded, in part by Lewiston Parks and Recreation - Park Reservation Fund, and a generous donation by Mrs. Carol Beckman, as well as other donations. 

There is an estimated 1,200 dog parks in operation in the United States. Dog parks have quickly become a leading feature in cities around the country. These parks can be a great addition to public spaces, as they encourage socialization between dogs, while providing a space for dogs to exercise and play freely with other dogs. Penny’s Memorial Dog Park is the incarnation of several individuals who want safe, legal off leash areas within the Lewiston city limits. We hope this location at Clearwater Park on 3rd Ave North will be the first of several sites where our dogs can legally be off-leash.

The North Lewiston site was chosen for a few different reasons. The portion of Clearwater Park chosen is a 1.8 acre open space that would otherwise not be developable for anything else. In addition, the area is already turfed, irrigated, and maintained by Lewiston Parks and Recreation. 

Dog Park steering committee member, Mrs. Carol Beckman, has graciously agreed to donate $25,000 toward the development of the dog park and additional signage after the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Beckman’s dog, Penny.  On October 26, 2015 Lewiston City Council approved the name “Penny’s Memorial Dog Park”.