Planning Your Visit

Planning Your Visit

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Bring: Leash, flat collar, dog license. 

Park Patrons:

This park is a safe space for owners to play with their dogs off leash. Handlers must be aged thirteen (13) years and older may have up to a maximum of two (2) dogs in the dog park at any given time. Click here for Dog Park Rules. The park is not a safe place for anyone who is unsteady on their feet as the ground is uneven and dogs don’t always watch where they are going. Similarly, this park is not an appropriate space for young children because they can easily be knocked down. In addition, not all dogs have been well socialized around children. Refrain from cellphone use (calls or texting) inside the park.  Your attention is required to be on your dog(s).

Dogs: Dog parks are appropriate for dogs with good play skills that enjoy playing with a large number of dogs and a lot of different breeds (different breeds can have very different play styles). If your dog has rough play skills or is shy/under socialized see a professional trainer for better options.  Many training facilities offer supervised play groups and can help you improve your dog’s social skills.

Penny's Memorial Dog Park

2514 3rd Ave N
Lewiston, ID 83501